Legal Rules and Differences of Composition in Miniature Art


  • Jo’rayev Shoxrux o’tkirjon o’g’li Namangan State University of Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty of Fine Arts and Applied Decorative Arts, 1st year graduate student


miniature, perspective


There are several directions in the art of miniatures, and their uniqueness is also distinguished by their reflections and colors. We all know that there is a big difference between oriental miniature art and European miniature art. The main ideas of miniature art are demonstrated through compositions. We know that in the creation of miniature works, unlike painting compositions, plans are not separated. Several compositions are displayed in a common one. It has been included in the list of intangible assets by UNESCO and has been of interest to all art lovers since ancient times. "Inclusion of miniature art in the representative list of UNESCO is an international recognition of this art form, which has a long history and reached its peak in Uzbekistan," wrote Aziz Abduhakimov, chairman of the state committee for tourism development. . In the higher education system, many practical researches are being conducted on this art. Due to the efforts of many artists, miniature art is becoming more and more beautiful. Various scientific works are being carried out, new textbooks, training manuals and collections are being created in order to bring the art of miniature art to the next generation at a high level with all its secrets.




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