The Effect of Specific Exercises According to the Pulse Index on some Physical Abilities and Performance Level of Football Referees


  • Mohammed Gheni Hussein Al-Mustansiriya University- College of Basic Education- Department of Physical Education and Sports Science


specific exercises, pulse index, football referees


The research aims to prepare exercises that suit the capabilities of the sample, as well as to
identify the effect of these specific exercises on some of the physical abilities and performance level
of second-class football referees. The researcher intended to use the experimental approach with one
group, while the research sample was chosen intentionally, and they were a sample of second-class
football referees in Baghdad, and their number reached twenty referees accredited to the Central
Iraqi Football Federation for the 2023-2024 football season. The results resulted in significant
differences between the results of the pre- and post-tests, in favor of the post-test, in the abilities
under study and the level of performance, which indicates the effectiveness of the proposed specific
exercises. The researcher recommends relying on specific exercises using plyometric training when
developing the physical abilities of football referees.


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