A Survey on the Effect of Yoga Practices on the Psychological Variables of the Weight Lifters


  • Tapas Pramanik Research Scholar, Department of Physical Education, Sunrise University


Psychological, Yoga, integrated personality, strengthening, weight lifters


The present study intends to assess the impact of yoga practices on the psychological variables of the weight lifters. For this purpose The researcher has selected a sample of 40 weight lifters from Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal. Trier Personality Inventory there was a section containing 20 statements to assess the mental health. Mukta Rani Rastogi’s Self-Concept Questionnaire was used to assess the self concept. Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Scale is used to assess the self esteem. The selected three variables of The Participants were tested before the 12 weeks yoga practices and their score was noted. After the yoga session of 12 weeks again the same variables were tested again and their response was noted. The collected responses were tabulated and analyzed with the help of t test and Mean and SD in the SPSS 20version. It has been indicated that the yoga practices have significant effect on the selected psychological variables of the weight lifters