Teacher’s Attitude Towards Academic Supervision in the HTTTCS in English-Speaking Universities in Cameroon


  • Asah Jacob Fotoh Ph.D. Educational Leadership, Science of Education, HTTTC Kumba, University of Buea


The aim of this paper was to examine staff perceptions and attitudes towards Academic supervision in Higher Technical Teacher Training Colleges in English-Speaking Universities in Cameroon. The mixed method research design was adopted for this work which combines elements of qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Two sampling techniques were used in this study - the purposive and simple random sampling techniques. The sample of this study was made up of 70 respondents out of 146 staff from the HTTTCs in the two English-Speaking Universities of Bamenda and Buea. The instruments for data collection were a structured questionnaire and an interview guide. The quantitative data (from questionnaire) was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics while the qualitative data (from interview guide) was analyzed using thematic content analysis. Findings revealed that 58.4% of the respondents have negative perceptions and attitude towards the practice of academic supervision in HTTTCs in English speaking Universities. The study recommends that administrators should be able to possess high professional qualifications and be better role models to their teachers and students. In addition, because they have the overall responsibility over the school programme, administrators should be offered training on instructional leadership to enable them provide expert leadership with regards to academic supervision, and in all areas of the institutions’ programmes.




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