A New Uorphism Approach to the Problem of Language and Culture


  • Orujova Dilbar İsgender Lecturer, Nakhchivan State University


religion, context, language, culture


Religious affiliation plays a leading role in the perception and understanding of different religious contexts. Therefore, the religious contexts in the works of poets and writers are often related to their own religion. One of the main reasons for this is the connection between what is written and the speaker's religious affiliation. The religious context in the work of a poet or writer is intended for his own followers because they perceive the meaning of this context. In linguistics, it is not the confirmation or denial of the Sapir-Whorf  hypothesis, but the concrete description of the relationships between thinking, language and culture, and their mutual influence. more attention is paid to the study of mechanisms. The debates around the Sapir-Whorf principle played a fundamental role in the development of both linguistics and many humanitarian sciences.




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