Tracing Chomsky's Legacy in Psycholinguistics: A Voyage via the Galilean Investigative Approach


  • Sirmammad Gulubeyli Lecturer and Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Nakhchivan State University


Noam Chomsky, Galilean style of inquiry, psycholinguistics, methodological approach, linguistic structures, cognitive capacities, modern linguistic research, empirical investigation


This article examines the profound impact of Noam Chomsky's methodological approach on the field of psycholinguistics, with a particular focus on his endorsement of the Galilean style of inquiry. Through a detailed exploration, it underscores how the Galilean method, characterized by empirical and mathematical investigation, shaped Chomsky's theories and research in psycholinguistics. The discussion extends to Chomsky and Witkowski's analysis of the Galilean style of inquiry, elucidating its contemporary relevance in modern linguistic research. Additionally, the article reflects on the enduring legacy of Chomsky's methodological stance in psycholinguistics and its significant contribution to understanding the inherent linguistic structures and innate cognitive capacities. Through a structured narrative, this article offers a comprehensive insight into Chomsky's influential journey in psycholinguistics, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of the methodological foundations that have propelled the field forward.




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